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Natural Beekeeping

Getting Started in Natural Beekeeping

Since starting our Natural Honeybee workshops, we have had several enquiries about courses for people who want to start natural beekeeping. Some are new to beekeeping, others are already beekeepers who want to try a less exploitative approach.

Friendly, Informal, Interesting and Cheap

The idea is to give some insight into our approach to beekeeping and the thinking behind it, with practical advice about how to get started. That's why these workshops are so inexpensive: we are not in it to make money, just to share the knowledge.

Each workshop is held round the kitchen table here at Rose Cottage, with a flexible, informal approach and a chance to visit some of our beehives.

Beginning at 10.30am, we plan to finish around 4pm, with a break around 12:30 for a light lunch (included in the price). Any profits will go towards honeybee welfare.

Is This For Me?

If you have an interest in keeping bees naturally, this is for you. There are no preconditions or requirements. You may have no knowledge of, or experience with bees, or plenty.

Unlike our Natural Honeybee workshops, this is more focussed on hive design, swarm catching and our 'hands off' approach to hive monitoring.

Our approach is very different to that promoted by the British Beekeepers Association and their beekeepers training schemes. In some respects our views and attitudes are the opposite of theirs.

Amongst other topics, in this workshop we cover:


We have a little honey to taste. We sometimes collect a little honey in spring when the bees have some to spare, giving you a chance to taste real honey from bees never fed on sugar – which you can't get anywhere else!

Scheduled Workshops

These are the sessions we have arranged. Advance booking is essential. If you need more info, please Contact Us.

Each workshop is suitable for about two to six people, so a small group is fine.

Natural Beekeeping: date to be arranged

Natural Beekeeping: date to be arranged

Natural Beekeeping, why and how. Light lunch included. 10.30am to 4pm.

Contact us for a suitable date.

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